America commits suicide: 1776 - 2016 R.I.P.

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America was a young country. It had just reached it's teenage years when it tragically committed suicide. The youth of the nation and those fond of Science, healthy Skepticism and social awareness called the emergency hotline Bernie Sanders. But the corrupted infrastructure dropped the call and disenfranchised those who would save America from putting the gun to it's head and pulling the trigger.

Now we whom are left in the wake of this tragedy get to watch the final hours of the brain dead country on life support in the ICU; asleep in a coma from which it will never awaken.

If Hilary Clinton becomes president it will for the US be a crowning achievement of finally a woman sitting in the Oval Office instead of kneeling on her knees under the desk. But that's all it will be. She has no great plans, no care for anyone but herself and this hollow victory. She will send the youth off to die in foreign lands for no obvious reason. Quickly the delicate infrastructure keeping life support powered on will collapse and the ICU will power off for the last time.

If Drumpf becomes president the reincarnation of Nazi Germany will happen inside the comatose corpse of America. We will be witness to millions of people being violated simply because they were born with the "wrong" skin color.

The American Dream is finally dead. R.I.P.