The unknown cost of America's ignorance.

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After lunch at a cafe where they have a menu with pictures but no descriptions or prices paired with a menu entirely in Georgian with descriptions and the prices. I point at the picture; The server points at the text, then I nod yes or cross my wrists in front of me for the universal sign of "canceled" / "no" I managed to order. I stopped at a small shop for some snacks.

The owner asked me a question in Georgian and in Russian when I didn't answer. I explained in Russian that I don't really speak Russian but does he speak English. We then shifted to English he asked if I was from London. I explained that I am an American from Seattle, USA. He instantly began to tell me about his daughter who was 25 years old and living in New York City. She just graduated from the University there in Criminal Justice. Then he almost wept. I was taken a back for a moment by this giant of a man on the verge of tears. He explained to me how the U.S. Embassy had refused his tourist visa on the grounds that he wouldn't come back to Georgia. He exhaled and composed himself. He made a wide gesture around his small shop and explained to me he owns three of them. He claimed to have (and I have no reason to doubt him) $25,000 USD in his bank account, 2 cars and a nice home. Then he pointed to a picture near the cash register of him as the Sambo fighting champion of Georgia. He expressed he was proud of his heritage and his accomplishments. He demanded to know why America wouldn't let him come to his graduation. I could only shake my head and tell him, I'm sorry. It's truly Pizdec (If you don't know this word, don't try and translate it, just trust me.).

How much is this attitude of "America is the greatest country in the world and no one would ever want to leave it!" costing us as a nation? How many amazing people are we keeping out? People that would only strengthen our international relations, and promote friendship and global acceptance.

And yet those in America are ready to give everything up to a selfish dictator to "make America great again". These situations are inexcusable.